Monday, 15 December 2008

Any Questions??

Wow! Thanks for the fabulous response so far and for all your encouragement!!
If you have any questions about the challenge post them here and we'll try to answer them...
Here are some we've had already
1. Is this a 'cute' challenge blog?
There is no set theme to follow, as long as you follow the sketch you can use any style of genre; cute, arty, vintage etc..
2. Do I have to use stamps?
You can use stamps, CDs, stickers, die cuts, anything!!
3. I don't buy something every 2 weeks... help!!
We don't expect you to go out and buy something for the challenge every fortnight (although a few of you will tell your OH's that you do he he!!) By latest we mean if you have just bought something then use it, if not then use something you've bought within the last few months etc.. To be honest I'm nosy and want to see what others buy so please just use something current which can still be purchased if you're struggling!
4. Does it have to be something I've bought?
No, stamped image swaps, blog candy wins, PIF's, RAK's anything like that counts as 'New' stash!!


Ann said...

Please can it be a rule that we can buy something if necessary - it would be a great excuse!!! LOL

Ann xxx

Sketch and Stash said...

That's an easy one to answer Ann, YES!! Just don't say I told you to he he!!
Love Becky xx

Ann said...

Nice one Becky - will use my Christmas stash for first challenge and after that I'm shopping!!!

Ann xxx

Ikki said...

This sounds like a brill idea - look forward to your first challenge and wish you a successful challenge blog. ikki

G3 said...

Cool blog. I would love to give it a go. I do not have many stamps but I can use my stash and create a card...
Will give this sketch a go..

Anonymous said...

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